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Bike Parking in Downtown Fredericton

August 2015 –

Downtown Fredericton offers some of the area’s best restaurants, shops and bars as well as a number of government and private services. The downtown is frequented by bikers as they eat, shop and run errands. It is important that these bikers have convenient and secure locations to park their bikes. Adding more bike parking to the downtown area will help create a clean, and safe environment for bikers. This will help to boost downtown business and create higher morale for downtown patrons.

The Issue

Unfortunately trying to find a place to lock-up a bike can prove to be difficult in the downtown area. Bike racks are scarce in key areas and as a result bikers have to park far away or lock up to a post or bench. Locking up a bike to a post, bench, parking meter or tree creates an ‘eyesore’ and is inconvenient for bikers, pedestrians and drivers.

IMG_0715 IMG_0718 IMG_0719 IMG_0720

The graphic below indicates where bike parking is available as well the amount of spaces at each location. The red space shows high traffic areas without bike parking. From this study it became obvious that some of the most frequented areas did not have bike parking available. Most of the bike racks were attached to private businesses and government buildings. The area that was assessed was mainly King and Queen Street from Westmorland down to the Legislature Building.

  • Of the many restaurants in downtown Fredericton, only one had a bike rack (Isaac’s Way)
  • Of all the bars/pubs in downtown Fredericton, only one had a bike rack (Capital Complex)
  • Of all the shops and businesses in downtown Fredericton, only two had bike racks and they were both bike shops (Savage’s & Radical Edge)
  • Kings Place does have three bike parks with a total of 44 spots.

Bike Parking in Fredericton

The Solution

At this point the solution becomes quite obvious, and that is to increase the amount of bike racks in the red areas of the map. This should be a collaborative effort between Downtown Fredericton Inc., the Municipal Government and the various businesses of downtown Fredericton. Bike racks are a fairly low-cost purchase that has a significant impact for years to come. There are many types of bike racks and therefore each area should be assessed to find out what will be the best fit.

IMG_0090 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0204

The Benefits

The end goal of implementing more available bike parking is to create a more bike-friendly atmosphere for the downtown core. The benefits of being more bike-friendly can have larger impacts than one may think. The graphic below from showcases a few of the many benefits of creating a more bike-friendly downtown. From increased sales and a healthier population to youth attraction/retention and boosting tourism, the benefits are endless.

It is easy to see why this is an important issue for Downtown Fredericton and Fredericton as a whole. Now it’s time to work together as a community and take the first small step towards a more bike-friendly Fredericton.

Marc Gauvin
Principal – Momentum Consults


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