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Target Your Audience. Advertise For Less.

How do you measure your return on investment when your purchase a newspaper advertisement or send out a brochure? While you can sometimes get a ballpark idea, it is difficult to find out exactly who you reached and how it relates to your sales.

With digital advertising you can not only measure the effectiveness of your campaign, you can also review the specific demographics and data of your engaged customers. Targeted advertising results in better budgeting and more conversions. If you’re audience is women aged 30-45 who have young children, we can create ads that specifically target them and help bring new customers to your business.

"Targeted advertisements are, on average, almost twice as effective as nontargeted ads."

Social Media Advertising

One third of the world’s population uses a social media platform. It is why many businesses are shifting to spend more marketing resources on their social media presence. Creating quality content for your followers along with a social media campaign will help you engage with your customers and boost sales.

We don’t just boost posts and hope for the best. We review your business and determine which social media platofrm best suites your needs. We then create the designs, content and demographic profiles for your campaign. Using A/B testing we are able to discover which style ads and which demographics were the most effective. We consistently review the data to boost performance and increase your return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing

Google is the number one platform for researching and discovering new businesses and services. At Momentum, we build search engine strategies that combine Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to increase targeted traffic to your website and business. With almost 50% of searches coming from mobile devices we also customize your content based on the device in order to increase conversions.

A proper search engine strategy requires close monitoring and adjustment to ensure your marketing dollars are being put to good use. We review these strategies regularly, analyzing the data and providing periodical reports to our clients. No matter the budget, we can provide value for your campaign and generate inbound leads for your organization.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming one of the top lead and traffic generators for businesses. Customers are more likely to connect with your business through unique content than a traditional advertising campaign. This is why we have seen a surge of businesses spending more time on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Video, Instagram and Webinars.

At Momentum we can help your business develop a strategy for curating and posting content for your customers. Whether it be blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, photos or social media posts, we work closely with your team to create content that will connect with your customers. With the development of a content marketing strategy we can help your business connect and build an online community.

Email Marketing

86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly. If done correctly, emails and newsletter can promote your business and encourage repeat customers/purchases. There is an art and science to email marketing. How often should you send them? Which contacts should receive them? What kind of content will interest my contacts?

Momentum will take care of the design and strategy of your email marketing campaign. We help to develop mailing lists, email marketing automation, content creation and scheduling. A contact list is extremely valuable to your organization and with our marketing techniques will help grow your business while providing value to your customers.