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Marketing Planning


"What’s the use of measuring speed if you don’t go in the right direction”

Let's Give Some Background To Your Marketing Activities

A social media page, website or online advertisement is only so effective without an overall marketing plan in place. Much like the rest of your business, your marketing plan needs to outline your customers, channels, budget, company values and goals to foster proper decision-making. With a strategy in place, all your marketing efforts work towards your overall brand and create a larger narrative for your customers.

A proper marketing plan will give clarity to everything from employee communication with customers and environmental context to target audiences and brand positioning. Our process begins with several discovery sessions, working with you and your team to determine how your organization operates and your organization’s values. We work with you each step of the way to ensure the marketing plan integrates with your overall business strategy.

We also offer specialized plans such as digital audits and strategies that focus on your digital assets and online presence. In addition we offer market research and surveying services if you are interested in finding out more about your customers, competitors or other external factors.