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Tips For Enhancing Your Google Adwords Campaign


Tips For Enhancing Your Google Adwords Campaign

Google AdWords is a great tool for reaching new audiences, driving traffic to your website and understanding customer behaviour. One of the best features of AdWords is the ability to highly customize your campaign. AdWords is a complex system so we have highlighted a few tips to help enhance your campaign.


First, we wanted to stress the importance of monitoring your AdWords campaign. Keyword performance, demographics, average cost-per-click, there is tons of data gathered through your campaign daily. You should regularly monitor and review your campaign so you can continuously improve upon it. This is not a “set it and forget it” program so make sure some of your budget goes towards keeping an eye on performance.

Customer Search Terms

When planning your campaign one of the most important decisions is selecting the keywords for your ads. Luckily, as your campaign runs, it collects the search terms that lead to a click or impression of your ad. Under the ‘Dimensions’ tab you can view ‘Search Terms’ which shows you exactly what search terms customers use to find your business. Monitoring the search terms can provide you with valuable data that will help you better target your customers and lower overall costs.

Keyword Matching Options

Now that you know what customers are searching for you need to know how to set-up keyword matching options. Using special symbols allows you to insert broad match, exact match, even negative keywords. The hope is that over time you can create more ‘exact match’ keywords as opposed to ‘broad match’. These options help you better target your customers and eliminate unwanted clicks.

Phone Call Extensions

Depending on your business, 50% or more of your website traffic can come from mobile devices. It is vital that phone extensions are running so you can capture this market. Under your ‘Ad Extension’ tab you can set-up a phone extension that directly connects customers to your business. Further customize your extension with a mobile-only option or adjust for your business’ operating hours. You can even take it one step further with a Google Forwarding Number which allows you to measure call duration.

Google Adwords is a complex system and without proper care you could be wasting your budget. If you want to enhance your campaign or are interested in starting one, contact us!

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